Our History

The Cambridgeshire Hunt dates back from the latter end of the 18th century, since when the Cambridgeshire country has existed in its original form.cambridgeshire hunt with enfield chace history


From 1st May 2001 hounds were joined at the Kennels by the pack of the Enfield Chace, whose country is also hunted by the combined pack, known when hunting as the Cambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield Chace. The Cambridgeshire Country lies in Cambs and Beds and is about 20 miles square.


The origin of the Enfield Chace hounds is lost in antiquity, Queen Elizabeth I hunted Enfield Chace country from Hatfield House (still hunted today). James I acquired Theobalds Park and Northaw for hunting the stag. In 1755 hounds were entered to fox but in 1885 reverted to stag.

There used to be special trains from London on Saturdays to bring horses to hunt. In 1907 Major Smith-Bosanquet hunted fox in Hertfordshire Hunt country and the Enfield Chace was established in 1935 to hunt the country formerly hunted by Major Smith-Bosanquet.


Enfield Chace country lies within Herts, Middlesex and Beds is bounded by the M25 in the south, Henlow Beds to the north and the M1 to the west, the M10 in the south east and the A1 to the North East. The terrain is wooded in the south with small enclosures, more open and largely arable in the north with some big woodlands, hunt jumps and ditches on heavy land.