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Newcomers - useful things to know

cambridgeshire hunt with enfield chace newcomersCambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield Chace is a friendly Hunt and likes to welcome newcomers as well as our regular Subscribers to the sport.

Most of the following advice is second nature to many Subscribers as they have been with us for so long. However, without causing offence to the more experienced amongst our Field, hopefully these tips will prove helpful to all. We accept that novices can find their first hunting venture a bit daunting and also Subscribers, perhaps coming back after a gap, might find the information useful.

Hunting should not be regarded as old fashioned as, in fact, most of the traditions, etiquette and behaviour associated with hunting are practical and exist for very good reason, such as, to show a mark of respect to the landowners whose land the Hunt crosses and to show appreciation for the work that Hunt officials have put in to planning for the day's sport.

When planning your first day, please get in touch with the Hunt Secretary (Tim Ireson for Cambridgeshire or Mrs D Nelson for Enfield Chace) to find out which meets are suitable for newcomers. Meets such as Christmas Eve, Boxing Day or New Year's Day may not be suitable due to the mix of the general public and horses.

If you prefer to go with the non-jumping field, please introduce yourself to the Master of the day and find out who will be taking the non-jumpers.


What to Wear

You should look smart and wear the correct clothing which comprises:

Autumn Hunting The Main Season
  • Beige or Buff breeches or jodhpurs.
  • Tweed jacket (Ratcatcher)
  • Coloured stock or collar and tie.
  • Beige or Buff breeches or jodhpurs.
  • Black Hunt coats (ladies may also wear blue)
  • White or cream stock.
  • Black (or ladies—blue) Hunt hats or skull caps with correctly fitting covers. Traditional top hats or bowlers may also be worn.
  • Long hair should be kept tidy with a hairnet.
  • Most children wear ratcatcher, collar and tie throughout the season.
  • Newcomers and occasional hunters may wear ratcatcher during the season if they do not own a hunt coat.
  • If it is raining heavily permission to wear waterproofs should be sought from the Master of the day.

Ensure your horse and its tack are clean and well turned out:

  • Numnahs/saddle cloths should be plain and discrete.
  • Manes should be plaited for lawn or ‘show’ Meets such as, Opening Meet, Boxing Day, etc.
  • Unplaited manes should be pulled and tidy, the exception being native breeds.


We have lots of useful information included in our Hunting Etiquette Booklet, or download the Countryside Alliance Newcomers Guide.  Please also read our membership page.


Remember—We all had a first time and if in doubt ask.